The Wholesale Solution Made For You!

What is the Wholesale Solution?

Do you run a business with a small to large team making and selling Window Shading Products to the Trade?

The Wholesale Solution is for you!

      The BlindMatrix Wholesale Solution is a Cloud-based web application that delivers more power than the  Retail Solution

      It's a Cloud-based web application built for Windows PC's and Mac's.

      The Cloud-based web-application  works on all web-browsers.  

       With this solution, you also get the  Android and IOS (Apple) applications of the  Survey Solution

      The Android and IOS (Apple) apps work on mobiles and tablets and work offline, so no need for WIFI or a network connection.

Is this solution for you?

      This solution is best suited for medium to large trade orientated businesses that manufacture their own products. 

       Using this solution will help you to streamline the way you and your teams work, improving your overall efficiency and productivity, saving you time and money.

       You will see your teams grow in confidence and you'll gain peace of mind from the easy to use features and functions that help your business to deliver better customer service and  boost your overall business productivity.

      If you want to grow your teams professional skills and your business, this solution will help you to succeed.

Solution Benefits

             The Wholesale Solution has been built to help you manage the most important areas of your business, from capturing customer contact information to scheduling appointments, producing quotations and taking sales orders to manufacture and shipping your products.
      The bill of materials and demand driven stock management tools to take businesses to the next level by providing accurate product costs, pick lists and material forecasts.  
      When stock is not available, purchase orders are automatically generated, helping users stay in control of work in progress.

      The job scheduling and capacity planning tools help to ensure that jobs are started and finished at the right time.
      For production staff, you can add process control and production monitoring to the toolset, enabling users to gain visibility over the entire operation.
      You can add bar codes into the mix too, to reduce operator involvement.

      If you sell to the Trade, you can offer your customers unique discounts using discounting tools.  
       You can also set them up with Online Ordering so       they can generate custom quotations, win orders and with the click of a button they can submit those orders to your business.
      This solution offers the modern wholesaler and manufacturer a plethora of tools to accomplish the complex operational tasks they are challenged with.

      It helps to keep your teams and customers up to date with everything that is going on. 

      This technology enables you to do more! 
      All this can help you to transform your businesses operations, reduce operational costs and improve profits.
      We give you the means to go further, to create efficiencies and build great relationships with your customers. 

      The solution has been designed to make your day to day easier so you can concentrate on solving other problems, from delivering a better service to your customers to analyzing your business data so you can make better decisions about the future.

Product Features:

Shared Calendar
Appointment Scheduling
Sales Order Management
Advanced Job Management
Email Marketing
Text Messaging
Manufacturing Worksheets and Labels
Accounts Software Integration
Purchase Orders
Price  Management
Product Management
Shipment Management
Bill of Materials
Stock Control
Capacity Planning
Bar Coding
Production Monitoring
Online Ordering
Advanced Discounting
Production Scheduling
Rework Management

Solutions made for you

      We recognise each business in the industry is uniquely different. So we go out of our way to understand your needs and create a software solution that solves your problems. 

Empowering you to grow

      We partner with you to provide solutions that are designed to help you grow your business. Our software means your operations are efficient and effective, so you can grow your business.

Building business confidence

      We work with a diverse range of businesses from 1 man bands to family run companies, small businesses and large enterprises. Our approach remains consistent, to give you the tools to conduct better business in ways that benefit you and your customers. 

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